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Discover the Future of Food Safety

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Food Safety Training

ARF Food Safety Consulting Group is committed to providing an education program that will benefit employees and by improving food safety performance and efficiency.

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We’re Innovating the Way the World Thinks About Food Safety

ARF Food Safety Consulting Group offers customized food safety consulting services to organizations that prioritize enhancing their food safety controls, complying with regulations, and protecting their brand reputation. Additionally, the company provides interactive training courses for professionals in the food service industry to acquire Servsafe Manager and Food Handler certifications.


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services


ARF Food Safety Consulting Group’s goal is to implement a foodservice and safety culture within food service operations while providing job preparation training. That means providing as much education possible so that participants should not only gain the knowledge and skills to successfully obtain and sustain a job in the foodservice industry but to implement the best practices of food hygiene.

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Food Sanitation Manager Certification Training 

ARF will conducts Day full day food sanitation training offered through Servsafe and Prometric


Certifications Offered:

City of Chicago Department of Public Health Food Service Sanitation Managers License 

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation ServSafe Food Protection Certification

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This is where you can get to know us better, find tips, hacks, and essential information to keep your food safe and scrumptious.

Food safety is a critical aspect of the food industry that requires constant monitoring and management to prevent foodborne illnesses. With the advancements in artificial intelligence, ChatGPT technology can be implemented to improve food safety businesses' operations. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce food safety businesses to ChatGPT technology and how it can enhance their operations.


These are just a few of our partners ...

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We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.


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We are always looking for individuals who are innovative, passionate, committed, and qualified.

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