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If you have a need to become certified with the


  • FDA

  • USDA

  • IDOA

  • SQF Certification

  • Halal Certification

  • Gluten Free Certification


ARF Food Safety Consulting Group will provide consulting services to assist with establishing best practices to obtain registration with the USDA, IDOA and the FDA, through policies, procedures, training and monitoring development. 

We will develop and implement a HACCP PLAN, FLOW CHART AND ANALYSIS WORKSHEET FOR all types of Foods designed to reduce the risk of foodborne hazards by focusing on each step of the food preparation process from receiving to service. 


Conduct a Gap Analysis: The first step is the Gap Analysis is much like an Internal Audit. It compares the system you have in place to the requirements to be registered with a Regulatory Authority. 

The requirements that you don’t yet meet need to be addressed. The Gap will identify those areas. 

We  can also develop:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices 

  • Food Safety Plan 

  • Approved Supplier Program 

  • Finished Product Release 

  • Validation and Verification 

  • Corrective and Preventive Action 

  • Product Identification Trace Withdrawal and Recall 

  • Food Defense and Food Fraud 

  • Allergen Management 

  • HACCP Plan Development 

  • Labeling Program 

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